How to Lose Inner Thigh Fat Fast and Eliminate ‘Chub Rub’

How to Lose Inner Thigh Fat Fast and Eliminate ‘Chub Rub’

Losing inner thigh fat to achieve a “thigh gap” became a popular body sculpting trend in 2012 and is still popular today. A thigh gap is just what it sounds like, a noticeable gap in the space between your thighs. However, wanting to lose inner thigh fat is often not […]

How Soon Can You Have Liposuction After Having a Baby?

Liposuction After Having a Baby in Houston

Pregnancy is an incredible process that brings a new life into the world, but it can also bring about weight gain that can leave many new moms feeling insecure. The extra pounds that linger can be particularly challenging to lose considering your body is healing while you are now caring […]

When is the Best Time of Year to Book Liposuction?

Best Time of Year to Book Liposuction

To answer that question, first you’ll need to know more about what liposuction recovery is like and what to expect after liposuction. At Houston Lipo Center, we only perform minimally invasive, awake liposuction using small “micro-cannulas” that can take longer during the procedure but allows for a gentler technique by […]

The Benefits of Chin Liposuction

Benefits of Chin Liposuction in Houston

Why Get Chin Liposuction? Chin liposuction is an effective and efficient solution for people who want to thin out the look of their face due to genetics or weight gain. It will get them the contoured appearance they have always dreamed of.  Chin & neck liposuction can also sometimes be […]

Knee Lipo for Inner Knee Fat

Knee Featured image

When it comes to liposuction, the knees are probably not the first body area most would think of as a popular treatment area. But we do see many patients each year that complain of having “fat knees” and struggle with insecurity due to the stubborn fatty deposits that can surround […]

Buffalo Hump Liposuction

Buffalo Hump Liposuction

Medically known as a dorsocervical fat pad, a buffalo hump is a fat deposit located at the base of the neck, between the shoulder blades. There are several potential reasons someone may develop a buffalo hump including certain medications, excess weight gain, underlying medical issues, or poor posture and osteoporosis.  […]

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) Reversal / Reduction Liposuction

Learn more about the basics of BBLs and BBL reversal / reduction liposuction below.   What is a BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift)? A Brazilian butt lift is a fat transfer procedure that is supposed to increase the size and improve the shape of the buttocks without the use of implants. […]

Hip Dip Liposuction

Thighs and hips are one of the most commonly requested areas for liposuction treatment since they can be a source of insecurity for many – especially for those that are genetically predisposed to carry more weight in the thighs and hips. This can make it a very difficult area to […]

Buccal Fat Removal – Can liposuction remove buccal fat?

buccal fat

In an age of contour-makeup filled selfies, and celebrities such as Chrissy Tiegan, openly admitting to having buccal fat removal surgery done, there has naturally been more and more interest in this type of procedure. The goal for most patients with buccal fat removal is to produce a defined and […]

Achieving Your Ideal Summer Body with Liposuction

With summer quickly approaching, it is about that time of year when many will start to feel the pressure of achieving their ideal summer body before they head out to lounge by the pool or travel for a beach vacation. When it comes to losing weight and/or building muscle, diet […]