‘FUPA’ is a non-medical slang term that has been widely accepted. It was popularized by Beyonce when she described herself in a 2018 interview with Vogue as having a FUPA or “little mommy pouch” post-pregnancy with her twins.

Although this concern is most common in women who have gone through pregnancy (i.e., the mommy pouch), both men and women can accumulate fat in the FUPA region simply due to aging and/or excess weight gain. In fact, many people are genetically predisposed to gain fat around the pelvic area. This makes it extremely challenging for them to target this area with diet and exercise alone. FUPA liposuction involves the removal of the excess fatty tissue near the pelvis and is often combined with lower abdomen liposuction to achieve a flat stomach aesthetic.  

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  • FUPA Liposuction Recovery
  • FUPA Liposuction Price – $3,900-$4,900
  • Financing

About the FUPA (Pubic) Liposuction Procedure

To begin the FUPA Liposuction procedure, a patient is given local anesthesia and the FUPA area is numbed. The procedure is minimally invasive and involves only a couple puncture spots in the groin region that are a few millimeters wide, so scarring is not common. However, if there are visible incisions spots, they are the width of a spaghetti noodle and will fade with time and become camouflaged in the skin tone. Once the entry points are created, excess fat deposits are liquefied by advanced technology and then suctioned out through a small tube.

Liposuction of the FUPA is a fantastic solution for getting rid of that stubborn bulge or fat deposit just above the pubic area. This procedure will help those wanting to achieve a flatter looking stomach reach their goals where diet and exercise have not been as effective.

FUPA (Pubic) Liposuction Recovery / Downtime

There is minimal downtime after FUPA liposuction. You can walk immediately after the procedure is over and can continue with light activities. You will be given a compression garment to be worn 24 hours a day for the following 2 weeks. There is only minimal discomfort associated with FUPA liposuction that is similar to soreness after a hard workout. Mild swelling and bruising can be experienced by patients.

FUPA (Pubic) Liposuction Price – $3,900-$4,900

FUPA is considered a single treatment area, so the price range is $3,900-$4,900. If combined with lower abdomen liposuction (two areas) the price range will be $4,900-$5,900. The price is all inclusive (no hidden fees, or extra charges).

Pricing Includes:

  • Pre-Op Labs
  • Antibacterial Scrub and Antibiotics
  • Facility Fee and Tumescent Local Anesthesia
  • One Compression Garment
  • Post-Op Supplies
  • All Follow-Up Visits

At the time of discharge, all patients are given a prescription for a pain medication. This medication is not included in the pricing listed above. If a patient chooses to fill this prescription, they will have to fill at their own pharmacy at their own expense. Also, some patients choose to buy a second compression garment at their own expense.

Financing for FUPA Liposuction

We also accept financing through CareCredit, starting as low as $79/month. Apply on www.CareCredit.com.

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