SmartLipo for your Thighs

Women and men alike experience frustration with their thighs, such as fitting in pants properly, wearing a swimsuit, and pain from friction between inner thighs. SmartLipo can dramatically improve the appearance and frustrating conditions of thighs, and has rapidly gained popularity as it delivers fast results with minimal recovery time. […]

SmartLipo for Your Love Handles

If your love handles are making it difficult to look at your body in a full-length mirror, SmartLipo can transform your body and give you the waistline you’ve always wanted. SmartLipo is similar to traditional liposuction because it targets stubborn pockets of fat in the body that don’t respond to […]

SmartLipo for your Chin and Neck

The typical areas of the body where patients request liposuction are the abdomen, love handles, and thighs, however many people request the chin and neck to achieve a more sculpted, defined jawline. Excess chin and neck fat can be unsightly, leaving many feeling self-conscious about their appearance. The chin and […]

Shapely, Sculpted Arms ARE Possible with SmartLipo

This holiday season, you probably have some shopping, traveling and a few festivities to go to. Your workouts are probably on the back-burner until you can start fresh in the New Year. Before you start buying jackets or long-sleeved garments to conceal the unsightly appearance of your arms – think […]

Minimally Invasive Abdominal SmartLipo

The Abdomen is one of the most popular areas Dr. Bergeron’s patients request for SmartLipo. Abdominal SmartLipo is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that provides the patient with less downtime after just one treatment. SmartLipo is performed under a local (tumescent) anesthesia, and a laser is used to melt the […]

Male Chest Liposuction & “Gynecomastia”

“Gynecomastia” is the technical term for male breast enlargement. While there are different types of Gynecomastia, SmartLipo can be a welcome relief for men struggling with large male breasts. Dr. Bergeron performs 25 to 30 cases per month, and many of his cases involve patients requesting SmartLipo for their chest. […]

Calves & Ankles Liposuction

Some say that flat abs and a perfectly sculpted core are the most important indicators of physical fitness and ideal aesthetics. However, calves and ankles are one of the most visible areas of our bodies, and one of the most difficult to change. It’s important to feel confident when strolling […]

Transform Your Arms with SmartLipo

Your arms are the ultimate indicator of physical fitness. It’s easy to hide your thighs and abdomen under clothing, and they only have to make brief appearances during swimsuit season. Unfortunately, arms have to be ready for maximum exposure almost all year long. It’s an issue for many women – […]

Thin Your Thighs with SmartLipo!

Squats and lunges are great exercises to tone thighs. However, what is there to do when your thighs are burned out at boot camp? SmartLipo is a safe, effective way to contour your thighs and achieve amazing results with minimal recovery time. With one treatment – you can banish your […]

Melt the Muffin Top with SmartLipo for your Love Handles

It’s time to toss out your tunics and tighten your belts! Let Dr. Bergeron sculpt your new waistline with SmartLipo. Both men and women alike experience the same problem… the protruding sides that hang over your pants. They’re given cruel names such as, “dunlop,” “spare tire,” or the infamous “muffin […]