Men strive for chiseled pecs at the gym, but a pesky condition called pseudo-gynecomastia (fat deposits in the chest) can make this nearly impossible. Pseudo-gynecomastia is a condition apparent in boys and men that causes fat to store in the chest area and create feminine looking breasts, or more commonly known as man boobs.

Liposuction at the Houston Liposuction Center is an excellent solution to ridding pseudo-gynecomastia that hides male chest definition.

Pseudo-Gynecomastia vs True Gynecomastia

Pseudo-gynecomastia and true gynecomastia are both conditions that result in enlarged male chests, but the underlying causes are different. True gynecomastia is the accumulation of excess glandular tissue which cannot be resolved with liposuction. This distinction is important for the proper treatment. Our skilled surgeons can assess during your consultation what is the underlying cause of your enlarged male chest.

No matter how much muscle you build, it will remain hidden behind a layer of fat if you experience pseudo-gynecomastia, and this fat is often not responsive to diet or exercise. This can be a cause of self-consciousness and embarrassment for teenagers and adults alike, with a large majority of the male population experiencing it in some degree, especially in overweight men.

About the Procedure


Male chest liposuction begins with the surgeon marking the treatment area for proper guidance. Typically, Liposuction is performed through a small incision to minimize visible scarring. The area is appropriately numbed (with patients remaining awake for the whole duration) and the procedure can then begin. The small Liposuction cannula will be inserted to reach the chest fat above the muscle. Houston Liposuction Center surgeons are experts at male chest sculpting, making sure to leave just enough fat for optimal contouring and keeping to your natural proportions.

Male Chest Liposuction Recovery

The surgeon will place dressing and a compression garment around your chest to help it form to its newly defined contour. Please do not remove it for two weeks or unless otherwise notified; it also helps reduce swelling. Patients are able to return to work and normal daily activities in just a couple of days. Strenuous activities including exercising can be safely resumed in about two weeks. Liposuction technology initiates collagen production, so overtime results improve even more as skin tightens to its new contour. After male chest liposuction, men feel more motivated to get back in the gym, go shirtless to the beach, or partake in more intimate experiences with their defined, chiseled chest.

Male Chest Liposuction Before and After Photos

Male Chest Liposuction Pricing – $3,900 – $4,900 (ALL INCLUSIVE)

At Houston Liposuction Center there is never a charge for a consultation and the following are included in our ALL INCLUSIVE fee for male chest liposuction:

  • Pre-op Labs
  • Antibacterial Scrub and Antibiotics
  • Facility Fee and Tumescent Local Anesthesia
  • One Compression Garment
  • Post-op Supplies
  • All Follow-up Visits

At the time of discharge, all patients are given a prescription for a pain medication. If he or she chooses to fill this prescription they will have to fill at their own pharmacy. Also, some patients choose to buy a second compression garment at their own expense.

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