Losing inner thigh fat to achieve a “thigh gap” became a popular body sculpting trend in 2012 and is still popular today. A thigh gap is just what it sounds like, a noticeable gap in the space between your thighs. However, wanting to lose inner thigh fat is often not only for aesthetic reasons, but for practical reasons as well. Losing inner thigh fat can help to eliminate ‘Chub Rub’. Chub Rub is a term used to describe the chafing and physical discomfort that occurs when the inner thighs rub together which tends to worsen during warmer weather. So, how do you lose inner thigh fat and avoid that annoying chub rub for good?

Are there inner thigh exercises to help lose inner thigh fat?

While there are plenty of inner thigh exercises out there that are great for toning up and building muscle, unfortunately those exercises alone won’t do much to help you lose fat in the inner thigh area. As much as we would love to tell you that you can simply do a few inner thigh exercises every day to reach your goal, the reality is you must lose enough body fat overall to eventually affect the fat in your inner thighs. 

Remember – you cannot spot reduce any one area of the body through diet and exercise (no matter what a fitness influencer may tell you).

Is it even possible to lose inner thigh fat with diet and exercise? 

While of course it is possible, it is very difficult for most people, but especially for those who are predisposed to inner thigh fat. Genetics play a big role in how you store fat, so if you are genetically predisposed to store fat in your inner thighs it will likely be extremely challenging (or almost impossible) to reduce the area through diet and exercise alone. To lose inner thigh fat, you will need to lose enough overall body fat so that the inner thighs are reduced along with the rest of your body fat. The question then becomes, is it worth such a strict diet and exercise regimen (that likely cannot be maintained long term)? 

How do you lose inner thigh fat?

Healthy eating and exercise is always recommended, but when it comes to losing inner thigh fat fast and with maintainable results, liposuction is your best answer. Inner thigh liposuction is the most efficient and effective method to sculpt the inner thighs, remove stubborn pockets of inner thigh fat, and reduce or even eliminate ‘chub rub’. 

About Inner Thigh Liposuction Procedures

At Houston Lipo Center, we perform inner thigh liposuction under local anesthesia, so you are awake during the procedure. Our micro-tumescent liposuction technique is minimally invasive and highly effective at removing the unwanted pockets of fat and sculpting the thighs. The surgeon will make tiny incisions near the groin and in the creases of the buttocks – scars will be hardly noticeable (if at all). The inner thigh fat will then be suctioned out using the smallest size cannula necessary for detailed, precise fat removal. 

Inner Thigh Liposuction Recovery 

Our liposuction technique is minimally invasive, so you are able to go home the same day as your inner thigh lipo procedure. There is very little downtime required, but it is recommended to take at least two days off work. Patients are encouraged to walk immediately after the procedure to promote blood flow to help speed up healing. Even with mild swelling, most patients will notice some reduction immediately.  Final results are typically seen within a few months. 

Inner Thigh Liposuction Cost

At Houston Lipo Center, inner thigh liposuction will cost between $3,900 – $4,900 (all inclusive – no surprise fees or add-ons). If you want to include the outer thighs as well, the cost will be between $4,900 – $5,900. And for full thigh & knee liposuction the cost will be between $5,500-$7,500. We offer financing through Care Credit and Cherry for flexible payment options!

Schedule your complimentary consult to see if you qualify for inner thigh liposuction.

Houston Lipo Center Inner Thigh Before & After Photos

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