In an age of contour-makeup filled selfies, and celebrities such as Chrissy Tiegan, openly admitting to having buccal fat removal surgery done, there has naturally been more and more interest in this type of procedure. The goal for most patients with buccal fat removal is to produce a defined and contoured face that creates a shadow across the mid-cheek (as-in high cheekbones and defined jawline).

Can liposuction remove buccal fat (cheek fat)?

No. Removing the buccal fat pad or cheek fat is done with a surgical procedure known as buccal fat pad removal (or buccal lipectomy or cheek reduction surgery). It is different than liposuction because it involves surgically cutting out (rather than suctioning) a specific fat tissue called the buccal fat pad.

How is buccal fat removal performed?

To perform the buccal fat pad removal procedure, a patient is given anesthesia, the surgeon makes an incision inside the cheeks through the mouth and manually locates the buccal fat pads. Once located, the surgeon will then proceed to cut them out and remove. In contrast, liposuction procedures involve using a cannula to suction the fat out of the area being treated; however, liposuction typically cannot be done on the buccal fat pad due to its proximity to muscles and nerves.

Is buccal fat removal surgery a good solution for cheek reduction?

For most patients, the buccal fat removal surgery is not an ideal solution for cheek reduction. Removing the buccal fat pad from the cheeks may produce the short-term desired outcomes, but overtime results may start to look overly hollow and gaunt due to that fact that facial and buccal fat declines naturally with age. Essentially, the buccal fat removal surgery can actually cause patients to appear older prematurely as the fat in the area continues to diminish. So, with that said, a buccal removal surgery is typically only appropriate for specific patients with a certain amount of natural cheek fullness.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, you may be a good candidate for buccal fat removal surgery if you’re at a healthy weight, you have a naturally more round or fuller face that you are unhappy with, you have realistic expectations, and you are a nonsmoker.

If you are overweight, buccal fat removal surgery may not make a noticeable difference. If your face is already narrow, the buccal fat removal surgery can cause sunken cheeks that become more pronounced as you age and would not be recommended.

Buccal Fat Removal & Aging

Facial fat volume and distribution are significant factors in sustaining facial contour and maintaining a youthful appearance (hence, the demand for facial fillers). Removing too much buccal fat from the face and cheeks can make a patient appear much older. Furthermore, there is a limited amount of fat in the face to begin with, so it can easily be overdone if you go to an inexperienced or overzealous surgeon.

We recommend thoroughly doing your research to understand the results of the buccal fat removal surgical technique and consider the long-term permanent effects before scheduling a buccal fat removal surgery.

What about buccal fat liposuction?

We do not perform buccal fat pad removal at Houston Lipo Center, and we currently do not offer buccal fat removal or cheek liposuction due to the risk of injury to the nerves in the area. However, if you are looking to create a more defined jawline or reduce a double chin, liposuction of the chin could be a great option for you.

About Chin Liposuction

Chin liposuction may be able to provide the defined jawline that many are seeking with buccal fat removal without carrying the risk of looking gaunt or “aging” prematurely like there is with the buccal lipectomy surgery.

As we get older, weight and genetics can take major tolls on our chins, necks, and jawlines. The fact is it can be near impossible to “exercise away” the excess fat in these spots in order to improve your profile.

Fortunately, chin liposuction can remove that excess fat and help restore the more defined jawline that you may have had in years past. Skin tightening with laser treatments can enhance the results of the procedure and add to the overall improvement in your profile. Learn more about chin lipo.

Before & After: Liposuction of the Chin

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