Female mid section pinched before liposuctionAnyone who is trying to lose a little weight understands exactly how difficult it can be to deal with stubborn fat or cellulite. You can diet and exercise all you want, but still age, genetics, and other factors can keep problem areas seemingly untouched by all of your efforts. But don’t despair! Though it is difficult, there are many ways you can slim down those fatty areas and get that body that you’ve always wanted; here are the best ways to target your stubborn fat.

Specific Exercises

Tummy: Oftentimes, general exercises are not very good at lowering the fat in targeted areas, and this is particularly true with the stomach area. While you may be tempted to do an endless amount of crunches to get rid of that fat, it should be noted that crunch-like exercises are only good for toning your stomach muscles. In fact, your stomach muscles are located under layers of fat, meaning crunches may not do a whole bunch! To target this fat, try cardio exercises so your sit-ups, plank exercises, and crunches can tone your stomach and get you where you want to be.

Upper Arms: Without a doubt, this is one area that most people complain about, and it makes sense too! This is a hard to target area, where fat can build up very easily. To target this area, use dumbbells, and other exercises that target your triceps.

Saddlebags: Lunges, squats, and resistance bands can all help you trim those saddlebags and fit into those jeans you love so much; however, this is one of the most difficult parts of your body to slim down. Truly, hard work and dedication is needed to address this specific area.

However, as we said, it can be very hard to get rid of all the fat you want to get rid of. So, if all of these methods fail, it may be time to try out liposuction. Houston Liposuction Center is one of the foremost leaders in liposuction technology, and can help you get that body you’ve always wanted! When exercise fails, think Houston Liposuction Center; you won’t regret it. Call to get a free consultation today!

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