We all have stubborn areas of fat on our body that are hard to reduce. Fat underneath the chin, also known as submental fullness, is one particular area that seems impossible to target. Fat tends to gather there and not diminish at all. Eating healthy and working out rarely have any impact on a double chin and it is in such a unique area that it is difficult to find a workout to target under the chin. What’s worse is that as fat gathers in this location, it stretches out the skin, making it more difficult to slim down.

A double chin can make you appear unhealthy and overweight. At Houston Lipo Center we have two popular, successful methods for double chin reduction: CoolSculpting and Liposuction. Both of these treatments are tried and tested forms of fat removal, but let’s explore which one is best for removing that pesky fat under the chin.


This non-invasive technique uses the science of cryolipolysis, or fat-freezing, to target fat cells and eliminate them. CoolSculpting is a scientifically created treatment that will successfully remove stubborn fat under your chin.

CoolSculpting double chins is a common treatment that helps many of our patients achieve their desired outcome! A variety of CoolSculpting applicators have been made to target certain areas of the body. These applicators have been made with the shape of the body in mind and will work to comfortably treat the specific area. The CoolMini applicator was designed to treat the natural contours under the chin. In a CoolSculpting procedure, the CoolMini is suctioned to the underside of your chin. The suction action will draw the excess fat to the surface of your skin so it can be easily targeted. The fat will be exposed to cold temperatures for about thirty-five minutes. During this time you can read, watch TV, nap, or play on your phone. You may feel some pressure as the device is removed. The underneath of your chin will be massaged for a few minutes and then you will be able to return to your regular schedule.

CoolSculpting boasts no downtime! After your treatment, you can return to usual activities immediately. Some soreness may be experienced but that is rare. After three to four days you may experience a burning or tingling feeling on your skin. These symptoms should go away in about a week.

CoolSculpting results are noticeable three weeks after your first treatment and the impressive, final results about six months after the first treatment. Patients may require a few sessions to achieve their ideal outcome! CoolSculpting is convenient and can be performed in under an hour. Get the results you want without incisions, anesthetic, scarring, and injections. This is a great double chin removal nonsurgical option! With a healthy diet and lifestyle, your CoolSculpting results should be permanent. Everyone has a set number of fat cells in their body by the time they hit adulthood. Working out only shrinks the size of these cells, whereas CoolSculpting will kill and metabolize those cells. The fat store in your chin will be reduced so that you can achieve a slim appearance. For people with a busy lifestyle, children, or demanding job, CoolSculpting is the perfect solution!

Laser Lipo

Another terrific and popular treatment for frustrating fat deposits is laser liposuction. Liposuction has been around for a long time, allowing it to be tested and developed to give us the revolutionary lipo techniques and tools we have today. Houston Lipo prefers to use laser liposuction under local anesthetic for double chin surgery. Tumescent lipo allows our team to perform the surgery under local anesthesia. This allows our patients to have a comfortable surgery while we reduce fat and sculpt the area under the chin. With tumescent lipo and a mild sedative taken orally before surgery, our patients are able to rest during treatment and feel comfortable afterward. General anesthesia takes time to wake up from and may cause vomiting after surgery. Local anesthesia and an oral sedative will allow you to have a more restful and comfortable procedure. You will not be able to drive home after surgery and will need rides during the first part of your recovery. Dr. Bergeron provides his patients with prescribed medications to control pain and help them rest. You will be able to return to work after a few days and low impact exercise after two days. More strenuous activities like running can be returned to after two to three weeks.

Laser liposuction is our preferred method to sculpt the under chin because it allows us to target the small area and effectively reduce unnecessary fat. At Houston Lipo, we use an advanced tool called SmartLipo. A primary advantage of laser liposuction is that it also administers localized skin tightening. The heat from the laser will constrict the skin and boost collagen levels. The result will be smoother, thicker skin. In a double chin liposuction surgery, a mild oral sedative will be taken before the treatment.

Tumescent lipo, which implements a diluted solution of lidocaine is applied under the chin and along the jawline. The SmartLipo laser fiber will be inserted under the skin and moved in a fanning motion. As the device moves, it will emit laser energy and emulsify fat cells while stimulating collagen growth. Once the desired fat is melted, a “micro” cannula will be used to remove the fat. After the treatment, patients will experience soreness, bruising, and numbness for up to two weeks. Fluids may drain from the incisions for up to twenty-four hours and a compression garment will need to be worn for three days to control swelling. After those three days, the compression garment will only need to be worn at night for eleven more days. Downtime is minimal and results are impressive. Your results will last a long time and with an active life and healthy diet, you can enjoy your outcome for years to come!

Many patients find that chin liposuction surgery is a great opportunity for neck fat removal! Often times, if a person has a double chin they have excess fat in their neck. During double chin liposuction, the neck can be easily accessed and sculpted. Remove this fat and regain a slender, smooth neck. This will do wonders for your appearance! You would be surprised by how much removing unnecessary fat from the chin and neck will make you appear young and fit!

Both treatments are great at reducing stubborn fat under the chin! A personal consultation with one of our experts will help you determine which procedure is healthy and safe for you!

There are many advantages to each of these techniques. CoolSculpting is:

  • Convenient
  • Non-invasive
  • Simple
  • Short treatment time
  • No downtime
    • And Laser Lipo provides benefits such as:

  • Minimally-invasive
  • Noticeable results
  • Localized skin tightening
  • Minimal downtime
  • Local anesthesia instead of general anesthesia
    • Each of these treatments is excellent at removing fat and helping you achieve the appearance you desire. The perfect treatment for you will be based on your lifestyle and aesthetic goals. A personal consultation before your treatment will help you determine which procedure is right for you. CoolSculpting and Laser Lipo are great, double chin treatments that will return the definition and symmetry to your face.

      Dr. Bergeron and his staff are experts in Laser Liposuction and CoolSculpting. Both of these treatments are advanced forms of fat removal and will help chin fat reduction.

      It is always best to come in for a consultation to discuss your concerns and expectations with the doctor. You both can then decide if Laser Lipo or CoolSculpting is a better option for you. Give us a call today!

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