Liposuction can reduce belly fat and slim your stomach better than any other procedure available (and better than any “one quick tip,” wrap, or waist trainer). Incorporate diet and exercise to take your results even further.

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Liposuction of the abdomen results in a slimmer midsection

Amazing Stomach Results from Liposuction

In areas such as the thighs or buttocks, some fat can give an aesthetically pleasing, “curvier” appearance, including the classic hourglass silhouette. But belly fat is almost always considered undesirable, and many patients who are seeking fat reduction through liposuction will include the stomach as the main area they would like to slim down. Luckily, the belly is one area where laser liposuction can provide truly amazing and life-changing results! Stomach liposuction can sculpt and shape your abdomen while maintaining curves elsewhere, unlike weight loss alone. 

With liposuction, a slimmer stomach is possible. Real Houston Lipo Center patients. [See more]

How to Achieve the Best Stomach Liposuction Results

Stomach lipo produces amazing results! But to really maximize your results and achieve that flat stomach, you will need to be sure to maintain a healthy diet, any may even need to go on a weight loss plan or change your exercise routine, depending on your goals. 

1. Weight Loss for a Flat Stomach

There are two types of fat, subcutaneous and visceral. Everyone has some of both, and how much of each you have will depend on your age, diet, and genetic factors. Subcutaneous fat is the squishy, pinchable fat that you can grab with two fingers, and this is the fat is suctioned out during liposuction. Visceral fat is located inside your abdominal cavity, next to your organs. 

This visceral fat can only be reduced through diet and exercise.  So, if your surgeon advises that you have a fair amount of visceral fat, you may need to lose weight in addition to stomach liposuction if your goal is to have a flat stomach. Visceral fat is considered the more unhealthy fat of the two, so not only will losing weight improve your liposuction results, you’ll be improving your overall health as well. 

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2. Exercise for Washboard Abs

As we have seen, liposuction is the go-to procedure to slim down your stomach. But if you want to improve your results even further, diet and exercise are the best ways to do that. If six-pack abs are what you’re looking for, you may need to incorporate exercise into your routine to if you want to get the toned “washboard” stomach of your dreams. While we can’t recommend specific exercises, if you’re unsure where to start, talk to your physician or consider hiring a personal trainer who can show you the right exercises to sculpt your abs. 

Can You Achieve a Flat Stomach with Liposuction?

When patients come in for stomach liposuction, one of the first things we provide is a consultation where we discuss your case individually and walk over the kind of results that you personally can expect from liposuction of the abdomen, and whether it will achieve the results you are looking for. This will include an examination where we address visceral and subcutaneous fat, as well as other conditions such as diastasis recti that may impact your results. Dr. Bergeron will make recommendations based on your personal case so that you know ahead of time what you can achieve with liposuction, and whether diet and exercise will improve your results. 

Give us a call to schedule a consult today and learn whether you are a candidate for lipo. 

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