smartlipo-muffintopIt’s time to toss out your tunics and tighten your belts! Let Dr. Bergeron sculpt your new waistline with SmartLipo.

Both men and women alike experience the same problem… the protruding sides that hang over your pants. They’re given cruel names such as, “dunlop,” “spare tire,” or the infamous “muffin top.”

This pesky problem area validates the phrase, “a second on the lips is a life on your hips.” However, some of us are simply genetically predisposed to our problem areas so the problem persists despite a healthy lifestyle.

SmartLipo improves the shape of your body and results are visible within a week, with continuous improvement over a few months.

The before and after photo above is a real patient of Dr. Bergeron who is now enjoying her lean, sculpted waist after her SmartLipo procedure.

In the past, “traditional liposuction” required major surgery. Today, with “advanced” liposuction techniques, such as SmartLipo, better results are achieved with much less apprehension and downtime.

SmartLipo is a truly safe, comfortable and effective way to achieve the body you have always desired. Call Houston Liposuction Center today to see how they can help you in your quest for a better you!

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